Melia Dubia

Melia Dubia

Melia Dubia is a tree which can be harvested after 7years(max 8years). The tree is a very fast growing tree which can be planted at a distance of 10feet by 10feet, ie around 425 trees per acre. A tree sells around {approx Rs 8000} at current pricing. Then the yeild per acre is 400trees *Rs8000= Rs 32 lakhs. If grown in 3.5acres, an earning of approx 1 crore or more can be expected.The price of the tree keeps increasing year after year.

We have melia dubia saplings in our state of ideal height for the saplings to be planted. The saplings are grown through seed germination which makes the tree still robust in nature. we have planted melia dubia in our farm.

The major use of melia Dubia tree will be in Playwood industry.There is no alternate for melia Dubia timber for manufacturing the Playwood products. The above said purpose we can grow the melia Dubia tree for 7 to 8 years will be enough.The melia Dubia tree logs are also utilised for match box sticks,photo frames,pencils(Nataraj Pencil company using the melia dubia wood) mini furnitures like stools, benches, wooden tables and interior decoration instead of Playwood. The melia Dubia timber can be used for window doors, wooden racks, house entrance doors (the age of the melia Dubia tree will be minimum fifteen years).In Nellore District , Venkatachalam one farmer brought one melia Dubia seedling and planted it in land not aware of melia Dubia. Now it has attain the age of 10 years old. The timber merchants quote the price for that tree was Rs 15000/-one tree. But he told I never cut the tree because this is my "Lakshmi"goddess to me. So very bright and fantastic demand in future.

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